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Spray Foam Insulation

concrete leveling is a two-part liquid that expands up to 100x its volume once sprayed onto an area. It is used to fill gaps and cracks, and it is easily applied to walls, ceilings, nooks and crannies, and slabs. The type of spray foam insulation you choose depends on your needs.

Improving Indoor Air Quality with Spray Foam Insulation

Open-cell spray foam insulation consists of tiny air pockets that trap the warm air in your home, keeping it cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. This insulation is very durable, and it holds its shape well even after years of wear. The foam also resists moisture and mold, allowing it to provide an effective barrier against vapor and water.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is similar to open-cell in that it creates an air barrier, but it has the added benefit of a vapor barrier. It is highly rated in terms of R-value, providing an R-13 to R-19 for every inch in a wall, and it can improve structural integrity as well. This insulation is also available in DIY kits, and it can be installed on a project-by-project basis with relative ease.

Home insulation reduces drafts and air leaks, which account for 40 percent of a home’s energy costs. It also keeps indoor temperatures stable and decreases a home’s overall energy consumption. The team at Gonz Insulation can help turn your Gonzalez home into a haven of comfort, power efficiency, and expense financial savings.

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Spray Foam Insulation – Spray Foam Architects of FloridaSpray Foam Insulation – Spray Foam Architects of Florida


Unlike fiberglass batts and blown-in cellulose, spray foam insulation creates an airtight barrier to prevent air leaks. This is important because it limits the intrusion of pollen, allergens and other unwanted air particles into your home. It also helps limit energy loss and decreases your utility bills. Read this: https://sprayfoamarchitectsflorida.com/

“Transform Your Environment: Spray Foam Insulation from SFAF

This type of insulation is made by mixing and reacting unique liquid components. These chemicals are sprayed onto walls and other surfaces, where they start to expand, filling every crack and gap. The result is a rigid foam that insulates and seals around pipes, wires and other obstacles, creating an airtight barrier that limits heat transfer and reduces energy costs.

The highest R-value of any insulating material is offered by closed-cell spray foam. It has a density of 6 lbs per cubic foot, which means it is densely packed and offers the greatest resistance to heat flow. Compared to other types of insulation, it can significantly cut your energy costs and keep your home comfortable all year round.

Before our crew starts spraying, the area must be prepped. This typically includes clearing the space of any obstructions and covering windows and other surfaces that should not be exposed to the spray. A hose is then run from the truck to the attic, crawl space, rim joist or other areas that need insulating.

The technician inside the rig monitors the mix of chemicals to ensure that proper expansion and coverage are achieved. Spray foam insulation is a complex process, and although DIY kits are available, a professional is highly recommended.