Day: December 16, 2023

Email Validation API PHPEmail Validation API PHP

Email Validation API PHP is a crucial aspect of web development, ensuring that user-provided email addresses are correct and properly formatted. It is also critical for maintaining good reputation in email services and leveling up your deliverability rate. This article will explore the world of Email Validation in PHP, providing expert insights and practical implementation techniques to ensure the integrity of your data.

How to check if email is active in PHP?

Email validation is the process of checking whether an email address is in valid syntax and whether it is actually valid – that is, is the domain name still active and does the part of the email before @ exist on that server. This can be done with a simple local check or more advanced third party checks.

The local check verifies the syntax of an email address, looking for standard format and checking if there are any obvious typos or if it is a catch-all or role-based email address. The SMTP verification checks if an email address is in fact capable of receiving emails, looking for the existence of a mail server, an smtp record and an open smtp port. It also performs a ping request to the mail server to see if it is actually alive and sending emails.

Verifalia is an email validation service which can be integrated with many popular web applications and frameworks using the REST API. It can be used to verify any type of list of email addresses, from simple text files to comma-separated values (.csv) or tab-separated values (.tsv) to more complex Excel spreadsheets. It supports the ability to import and submit files with multiple email addresses to be validated, as well as a human-readable report once the verification job is complete.