Dead Sea Minerals

Uses for the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea received its name because it cannot support most forms of life, but it is so inhospitable to most forms of life because of its chemical composition. In short, the Dead Sea has one of the highest concentrations of salt in the world at an astonishing 31.5 percent, which makes it more than …Continue reading


Interesting Facts About the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is not necessarily true to its name. Not only is it not a sea, it is not dead, and ironically it is actually dying. The Dead Sea is not a sea, but the deepest salt water lake in the world, with a salt content of 33%, and 9 times as salty as …Continue reading


Harness the Power of the Dead Sea for Treating

If medications aren’t relieving the symptoms of psoriasis, or they are causing unwanted side effects, many people try natural remedies such as vitamins and herbs for relief. Some of those who are suffering from psoriasis find ocean water and natural sunlight helpful, while others use different treatment methods. It varies from one individual to another …Continue reading


Beauty and health come from our planet

Everyone wants to look their best, but they want to do so naturally.  The cosmetics that we have today have started to evolve to contain more natural ingredients.  As in times past they were not always that healthy for your face, yet they were said to be scientifically proven to work and be good to …Continue reading


The Dead Sea and Psoriasis

In the olden times, it was well known that people with chronic skin conditions, like psoriasis, benefited greatly from bathing in the Dead Sea and many made the pilgrimage to eastern Israel. Nowadays, we have the ability to buy sea salts that are rich in minerals to put in our bathtubs at home. Unfortunately, they …Continue reading


Dead Sea Mineral Cosmetics

The Dead Sea has been considered a source of youth and beauty for centuries and this is still true today. Skin care products that contain Dead Sea minerals are known for their nourishing and hydrating properties which can make the skin appear younger. There are many Dead Sea products that are available as part of …Continue reading


About the Dead Sea Scrolls

Found in a number of caves situated close to the northwestern shore of the salt lake from which they receive their name, the Dead Sea Scrolls constitute one of the most famous archaeological discoveries of the 20th Century. In total, the texts number 972, ranging from books of the Hebrew Bible to manuscripts of Second …Continue reading


Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Dead Sea Mineral Mud is an amazing beauty product that’s rich in essential minerals. The high mineral content that it contains provides several benefits that many other products lack. As a natural source, it’s completely free of skin damaging chemicals. Improves Skin Elasticity Skin elasticity is what creates the youthful glow that can fade as …Continue reading